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The word sounds like a new way of expressing the Seaside Gazette’s unerring ability to insert typos and grammatical errors into articles. But no! This was the name given by a company in Japan to its mascot. However, after watching hoards of westerners snigger into their palms, they have decided to think about a re-brand.

Anorexic Appetite

Ex anorexic Peter Czerwinski has become a hamburger-eating champion! The 24-year-old ate 15 hamburgers in the space of 10 minutes during the competition called the Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Championship. The title also came with 1,000 dollars, to spend on larger trousers one would guess, the win also pocketed him 1,000 dollars worth of gift cards for the local hamburger chain, just what he needs… another bunch of bloody burgers!

Wonky World x 2

Two more weird stories from our February edition, a driver using a skeleton to fool police into thinking he had a passenger, and a painting returned by thieves when the couldn’t sell it.

Wonky World

Three January edition articles from around the World, including the arrest of a man who tried to order drugs at a drive-through, a gun-dog that shot his master and a snake charmer who released his snakey friends in the local Tax Office.

Cameron Taylor Jackson & Burley

How can we describe David Cameron’s popularity at an EU summit; a bit like a fart in a lift, or maybe a french kiss at a family reunion?
But just how really nasty is the man with the perfect hair? Well, that appears to depend on where you live