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El Gallinero – La Herradura

El Gallinero was always a La Herradura favourite and under the fresh guidance of Rafael and Amanda with a few new ideas and lots of enthusiasm, it will surely continue as such.

Saturday Music at Da Nicola

Since Blasha took over at Restaurante Pizzeria Da Nicola in Av. Europa (opposite Majuelo Park) in Almuñécar, the place has gone from strength to strength. Having enjoyed several meals there now, I can also recommend the place… my personal favorite is the Ribs in Spicy Sauce!

Pampaneira Revisited

Marta is sighing deeply every time we switch on news channel 24 to look at the unbelievable farce that is supposed to lead to the creation of a new government.

Local foods

Although perhaps not the most outstanding feature of local cooking, the tapas served free in all the province’s bars to wash down with a glass of wine or beer are a tasty symbol of the province of Granada, stimulating the senses and wetting the appetite for lunch or dinner.

No-Food for Thought

Food is a potent inducer of metabolic responses (and pleasure ). Specific nutrients enhance muscle action, while others boost appetite or modulate inflammatory responses. On the other hand, caloric restriction under normal conditions ( 20 to 40 % fewer calories than required ) has been shown to protect against the development of chronic diseases. ( To highlight this : there was hardly any diabetes or gout in post-war Germany ) Exploiting the differential effects of food or its absence during disease may be one strategy to enhance the efficacy of drug therapies.

Anorexic Appetite

Ex anorexic Peter Czerwinski has become a hamburger-eating champion! The 24-year-old ate 15 hamburgers in the space of 10 minutes during the competition called the Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Championship. The title also came with 1,000 dollars, to spend on larger trousers one would guess, the win also pocketed him 1,000 dollars worth of gift cards for the local hamburger chain, just what he needs… another bunch of bloody burgers!

Wonky World x 2

2 Wonky World articles from February. One about a diner in the US that refused entry to politicians and another concerning a man that married his dead fiance.