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Flu Times

By Marianne Lindahl

The winter cold has arrived to our tropical paradise. In this time of the year I sometimes wish I were nearer the North pole, feeling warm and cosy inside and avoiding to step outside unless absolutely necessary. In our old house on top of the hill in Taramay it is nearly as chilly inside... »

Zillions Wasted?

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Just one more time and I promise it will be the last one - but swine flu offers a lesson to be learned from. »

What’s News This New Year

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

During most of last year, the Seaside Gazette has given us the chance to criticise unfounded alarmism and a marketing-directed hype about this new flu and the ever-so-useless vaccine, which has been sold by the trillion to governments worldwide. »

Best to Know?

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

Between the bird-flu hype and the hype of the so-called swine flu there was increased coverage about dementia and the necessity of early diagnosis in the media. »

Genes, viruses, Swine Flu…

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

...And the good news is that you are 700 times more likely never to reach a hospital after a heart attack than dying of swine flu once you have contracted it. »

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