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Looking Back: More Crime

Today’s Looking Back article deals with a sharp increase in crime on the Costa Tropical, coinciding with the onset of the economic crisis that was to last a full decade.

Tossed out of the Parade

AND Sevilla Semana Santa 02

A 45-year-old man was arrested in the centre of Granada for masturbating during a Semana Santa parade, in plain daylight. Some people find these processions exciting, yet this is perhaps taking it too far.

Flasher Arrested

GRA Parque Pulianas

The Guardia Civil arrested a completely nude man in a public park in Pulianas (Granada) who had been masturbating in front of a group of minors.

More Crime?

Regular readers will recall the incidents of indecent exposure reported recently in the Gazette, which have occurred in both La Herradura and Almuñécar.

Pervert on a pushbike

LHR The Bay

Two local females have had encounters with a pervert on a pushbike. The incidents occurred whilst the fair was in town, and both happened on the La Herradura beachfront..