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Baby Shark In Plastic Squeeze

MOT RInged Shark

As if to highlight this problem, just a few days ago a fisherman working out of Motril found a small redhead, a species of shark, with the ring of a soft drinks bottle around its mouth.

Junta against EU Fishing Cuts

The Junta’s Board for Agriculture & Fishing rejects the EU management plan for fishing in the Western Mediterranean. “We understand that a global plan for fishing in the Mediterranean has to be drawn up, but not that Andalucía should be the hardest hit,” said the new Head of the board, Carmen Crespo, adding that “Almería,…

Who Are We?

The majority of the population on the Costa Tropical is found on the western side of the Costa Granadina, as it was long known.

Motril, Fish & Gas

If you ask most people when the crisis began, they will answer that it was in 2008, but in reality it’s like asking when World War Two began – it depends for whom: if you’re an American it’s 1941 but if you’re Chinese, it began in the mid 30’s with the Japanese invasion. And so it is that the crisis for Motril fishermen began long before 2008.

Caught in a Gale

At the beginning of last month, a gale whipped up and caught two lads out fishing, whose boat then sank under them – this happened just off Almuñécar.