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Brit Shot Dead

A 49-year-old British man was found dead in Estepona with two bullet wounds to the head. Police are searching for a woman suspect.

Business As Usual

The PP Mayor of Estepona sacked an advisor after he was charged in connection with the Gürtel corruption Scandal only to hire his live in partner.

False Paedophile Hunt

Three minors of some 12 years of age disappeared one day from school and created huge social alarm over a supposed paedophile when in reality they had simply skived off classes.

Violence inside Ambulance

Regional News: The number of attacks and aggression in general that is being carried out against doctors and medical staff by members of the general public is growing. What occurred in Estepona is just one more case within the growing phenomenon.

Done Over?

Around 100 British families are taking a Spanish real-estate developer, as well as three ex-agents of a British agency, to court after having paid out in total over 4.5m euros for second homes in Estepona; homes that were never built.