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More Spanish News Articles

Five articles from the National News section of the Seaside Gazette in the October Edition. We have already published five this month, and will be publishing a further five in the coming days.

Pathways to the Sky

if you aren’t sure where to go for a pleasant walkabout, just use your mobile to navigate to Eurorando 2011, which will give you all the poop on paths and happy trails, especially those to be found in Andalucia and the vecinity of El Padul.

Make Fun; not War

The old military training complex up by El Padul, which opened not long after the Spanish Civil War, may soon become a sports and leisure centre.

Dumped Mutt Adopted

Up in Granada’s Zaidín area, an abandoned pooch began to draw increasing attention from passersby, who couldn’t help noticing that Fido the fleabag wouldn’t leave a very defined zone by a road.