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Marina del Este Stabilized

The extensive work that has been taking place on the hillside behind and above the Marina del Este, La Herradura, has concluded.
All told, 30 shafts have been sunk to drain off underground water within the hillside.
What has caused all the problems to date is that the hillside has been retaining water, which has softened the ground, causing parts to slip, resulting in cracks through many of the new buildings in the area.

Velilla Resurfacing Finished

The Velilla road has been surfaced, although the parking bays haven’t. On a positive note, part of the work that’s been going on there has been improvements to the drainage system. On the other hand, 50% of available parking along that road has disappeared, which in Almuñécar is a very rare occurrence…

Monte Problems?

Concerning Monte de los Almendros, there has been another outbreak of criticism regarding the water and sewage arrangements on the urbanisation, this time from a group called, Ecologists in Action.

Rock ‘N Roll

After writing about the undermining on the Punta, and reassuring everyone that we were not suggesting that the area was about to fall into the sea, you can imagine my shock when that big old rock on the bend just before Chambao de Joaquin, came crashing down, completely blocking the road.