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Questionable Payout

Torrox Town hall has to pay out 4.7m euros to a man now in his 80s for firing him 30-odd years ago – the judicial wrangling has been going on since then.

Benny Reappears

We had an invitation from the CA (Benavides) to attend a press call at Hotel Victoria Playa because after 18 months of staying away from cameras and microphones, the ex-Mayor of Almuñécar had decided that he wanted to speak.

Ex-Municipal Secretary Speaks Out

The ex Municipal Secretary, Arantxa Ibarreche, has spoken out for the first time since her dismissal, which took place at the beginning of this month. She was invited to speak at a meeting of the Asociacion Mujeres Ecologistas sexitanas, where most of the apparatus of the CA, including the ex-Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides, was present.

Fired and Rehired

One of the last controversial acts of Juan Carlos Benavides’s Mayoralty was the dismissal of five town-hall workers. The said workers took their grievance to court. Now the new Mayoress has made good a promise made as part of her investiture speech and reinstated the five municipal workers

A Benny Roasting

The opposition and the unions have blasted the Mayor over dismissals at the Town Hall.
The PSOE, PP, IU (who rarely agree on anything) and the national workers’ union, the CGT, all consider that the dismissal of 15 town-hall workers (some of whom have been there for 20 years) was carried out for ‘irrational motives.’