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Shameful Delay?

The international market for medical masks and personal protective equipment has become a jungle with everybody from town halls to national governments vying for them.

August Edition

It’s the 1st! We will be delivering the paper copy of your favourite magazine to all the usual pick-up points during today and tomorrow… enjoy!

Delivery Vehicle Restrictions

On the subject of roadworks, which include the inevitable elimination of free parking, the Councillor for Traffic and Citizen Safety, María Dolores Sánchez Montes, announced that the Town Hall would be issuing a new band to ‘facilitate the rotation of loading and unloading areas.’

10% Off Laundry

The brilliant, family-run Lavanderia Avenida in Almuñécar is opposite the Costa Banana apartment blocks, just as you enter town at the Guardia Civil junction on the right, and they are offering 10% off all their services!