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Bungee Death Judicial Update

(DEL) Readers will remember the bungee-jumping accident on a bridge between Béznar and Lanjarón, resulting in the death of a young British woman – the trial is reaching its conclusion.

Grieving Parents Walk out

(AXL) The death of a young mother in a hospital lift in Sevilla is now being debated in the Regional Government; how it happened and why it happened, which is not the same, of course.

Unlucky Seating

María de la Luz Morillo was severly injured when a hotel electricity transformer exploded, shooting out a jet of flame through a vent that torched the table where she and others were sitting.

Fell from Balcony

A man died on Easter Monday (10th) in the coastal village of Melicena after he fell from his flat balcony, trying to put up a ‘For Sale’ sign.

Canyon Fatality

A young woman fell to her death whilst climbing the rock face of the Tajo de los Vados; that’s the Vélez Benaudalla canyon along the N323.

Bridge Death Trial

Many will remember the bungee-jumping accident last summer which led to the death of a 23-year-old British woman. The incident has now reached trial

Woman Found Dead in Granada

The woman was found on Saturday night after a call from a man on the 112 emergency services line, saying that he had found the woman dead on the floor of the premises in Veronica de la Magdalena in the centre of Granada.