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Rural Schools Rocked

ALM Otivar School

The Provincial Education Delegate for Granada,, Antonio Jesús Castillo, has resigned after plans to reshuffle rural schools ran up against strong opposition.

Junta against EU Fishing Cuts

The Junta’s Board for Agriculture & Fishing rejects the EU management plan for fishing in the Western Mediterranean. “We understand that a global plan for fishing in the Mediterranean has to be drawn up, but not that Andalucía should be the hardest hit,” said the new Head of the board, Carmen Crespo, adding that “Almería,…

Squeeze on INFOCA

For the last two years, members of the forest fire-fighting brigade (INFOCA) claim, they have had to make do with fewer men, vehicles and materials.

The Rubbish Wars

Even as Granada groaned under the weight of 4,000 tonnes of accumulated rubbish, two other Andalusian cities were going through the same calvary: Loja and Sevilla.

Student Protest March in Granada

Tens of thousands of Spanish secondary-education pupils came out in protest across the country in protest against education cuts and corruption. They were calling for the whole government cabinet to resign.

Medical Attrition in the Province

Not only leading up to the General elections did Mariano Rajoy promise that he wouldn’t make any cuts to Education or Health, but he reiterated the pledge upon reaching power. However, he was soon to go back on his battered word.

Canal Sur Dos Closes

Andalucía’s second, public TV channel will be closed down to cut costs. Its frequencies will, from October onwards, be used to transmit the surviving channel. The only difference will be that the old Canal Sur 2 frequencies will carry subtitles, sign language and audio-description for films.