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Ah Heart-Attack Sacking

A law court has decided that a man who died of a heart attack at home should be considered a work-related death. Why? Because he has just been informed that he had been sacked.

Discovering Cuenca

Cuenca, a city in the centre of Spain with many attractions, amongst them the hanging houses of Cuenca and the Ciudad Encantada, which is a park of wind-sculptured boulders.

No Alimony Refunds

The Spanish Supreme Court has rejected a claim made by a man to have his child-maintenance payments refunded to him after he found out that his daughter was not his.

Highway Thieves Arrested

A gang of robbers who preyed on foreign drivers has been arrested by the Guardia Civil. The modus operandi was to target foreign travellers parked in the rest areas of autovias and autopistas.