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A Kick in the Teeth

The very backbone of the Spanish economy is made up of autónomos (self-employed workers) yet the measures announced by the Government ignore them.

The Arrogance of Ignorance

People refuse to recognize that you cannot know everything and should be open to other input, different ways of looking at the world, their business, their private situations etc.

Austerity but not for All

Hounded by the corruption scandals in the PP, the Prime Minister, Marino Rajoy, decided to publish his tax returns and order his top party leaders to do the same.

A Difficult New Year

We are looking forward to a new year facing economic difficulties, especially in Europe. Even the Nordic countries, which so far have done quite well in this climate of global economic downturn, are heading towards difficult times.

Living Happily With Less

Most of Europe is in crisis. In Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal people demonstrate against the draconian cost-cutting measures imposed by the EU on member countries in deep financial trouble.

Domestic Violence

When it come to domestic violence, or wife-beating, over the whole of Spain, on average we lose around one woman every five days during the course of a year.

Horses & The Crisis

We have all heard of how families are not only finding it difficult to make ends meet, but in many cases, living with relations after losing their house or searching through rubbish bins for food, but if there is one thing that can force a groan of sympathy from Northern European, especially the British, it is the suffering of animals; especially horses.

End of the World Finally

The infamous and utterly misunderstood Mayan calendar, according to some, has it that we will all go poof in a cloud of cosmic debris on December the 21st, 2012. While quite complicated, and conflicted owing to scientific analysis and other discoveries, the prediction, should it prove true, might be a blessing as 2013, at least for Spain, looks to be an even harsher year than 2012 will turn out to be. Will anyone be saved?