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Roman Aqueduct Cracks

ALM Aqueduct 01 OnL

Almuñécar boasts several sections of the Roman aqueducts that brought water to the town in that era, and still do, but at least one section is showing cracks in its support columns.

Reader’s Letter: Marina del Este

Yesterday I took my family to Marina del Este since we had not been there for several years. I feel I have missed something in the news because what we saw was a view like if an earthquake had hit the buildings along the waterfront.

Saving the Castle

The castle at Castell de Ferro, which was originally built around 1300, is very much the worse for wear – some believe that it is on the point of collapsing, thanks to a sizable crack through one of its three remaining walls.

Marina del Este Stabilized

The extensive work that has been taking place on the hillside behind and above the Marina del Este, La Herradura, has concluded.
All told, 30 shafts have been sunk to drain off underground water within the hillside.
What has caused all the problems to date is that the hillside has been retaining water, which has softened the ground, causing parts to slip, resulting in cracks through many of the new buildings in the area.

Running Out of Patience

I received a very disgruntled letter from a resident in Carmenes del Mar, who is absolutely disgusted with how Comarex is behaving over their responsibility for the disastrous state of many houses up there.

Cracking Castle

The old castle up the hill continues to deteriorate much to everyone’s chagrin, which is why new joy in the form of one million euros to prop up the ancient place is sweeping through the town. Who’s putting up the loot? The Initiative for Sustainable Tourism chose the castle as one of its projects, which…

On The Move

Returning to the subject of land movement, we come to the Marina del Este… Rains at the end of last year and the beginning of this one have had a negative effect on the stability of the terrain – which is hardly surprising, is it?

Slip, Sliding Away…

Several houses in the Carmenes del Mar estate have been affected by landslides, with one family having to move out after part of the garden fell away on New Year’s Eve.