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Police Head Drunk at the Wheel

The Councillor for Citizen Safety; i.e., the municipal police, for the Almería town of Huércal received a 8-month driving ban and a fine calculated at 4 months at six euros a day, after being stopped and found to be over the alcohol limit.

Official Coaltion Announced

The new Mayoress of Almunecar called a press meeting this morning at 10am to announce that the PP had officially signed a pact with the PA to form a stable government.

Death Threats

A man was found guilty of issuing death threats against the Councillor for Social Affairs, María Dolores Rull and has accepted the one-year prison sentence

Interview: Councillor Concerning Market

I interviewed the Councillor for Citizen Safety, María Dolores Sánchez, who is also the head of the Almuñécar Local Police. The purpose of the interview was to ask her about the Sunday flea market, parking facilities on the Blas Infante (Market square) and blue-zone parking around town. There isn’t room to reproduce the interview here…

Stabbed Councillor

Do you remember, about five years ago, that we reported on a farmer who stabbed the Councillor for Agriculture, José Rodríguez Jaime alias El Chavo? Well, his case has just come up and he has finally been brought before the judge.

Councillor Refuses Fine

MOT Councillor Immaculada Torres

Harsh accusations were flung at the Mayor’s administration last month as spokesman for the opposing Socialist party, Manuel Garcia Albarral, accused one of the Mayor’s Councillors of ‘refusal to pay a parking fine.’