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3-Metre-Tall Buddha

Soportújar wants a 3-metre-tall Buddha statue… well, better said the Buddhist community does, which is just a 3-day camel trek and a packed lunch from the village.

Distant Hams

The Alpujarra cured hams are pretty damned famous and their popularity goes back quite a while, but were you aware just how long?

Avenida García Lorca

As I write this, there are now actually items of heavy machinery working on the renovation of Av. Garcia Lorca. I kid you not. No more of the two men with shovels. It makes you think, though.

New Projects

Close to a million euros has being allocated by the Town Hall for five new projects in the area, and some of the money is allegedly destined for La Herradura. One of the projects is the protection and conservation of La Herradura Castle, which dates from 1764 and is to be maintained as a centre…

Avenida de Salobreña

The Avenida de Salobreña, otherwise known as the road from the Alcampo supermarket into the centre of Motril, has now been out of action (closed) since May 2009 with a projected completion date of late March 2010.

VIP Visit

La Herradura had a famous visitor at the end of December. Although the event went largely unnoticed, the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, dropped in one Sunday to enjoy some afternoon sunshine and a bite to eat.
Joaquin at Chamboa de Joaquin has been a busy man lately, with his spectacular annual charity paella event in Almuñécar, and prior to that, where did Ms. McAleese and her entourage decide to enjoy a view of the bay and a bit of Spanish nosh? You’ve guessed it!

Crop Damage

Spare a thought for the farmers here on the coast who have been hit mighty hard by the continuous heavy rains and who say they are having the worst year of their lives.

Were You Caught Out?

Were you caught out by yet another holiday that took place in Motril on Wednesday 13 January? Just when you thought it was safe to get on with your daily life after the extraordinarily long Christmas and New Year holidays in the area, up pops another day off!

Beach Clean

Talking of cleaning, and going back somewhat to the earlier article about the heavy rainfall, the debris is finally being cleared from the beach.