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Property Tax Overturned

The Supreme Court of Andalucía has declared as null and void the municipal council meeting that approved the rise in the IBI (property rates).

Trouser Theft!

The Motril law courts sentenced a woman from Salobreña for the theft of a pair of trousers containing 900 euros. Some further explanation is obviously required.

Venezuelan Expulsion

A Motril law court has sent three men and two women back to their country of origin – Venezuela, on a 10-year minimum expulsion order. The reason for it is that firstly they were here illegally, and secondly, they had tried to get hold of 1,800 euros that a sub-manager of a savings bank in…

Salobrena on National TV

A national TV network, La Sexta, has been filming in Salobreña for a travel programme, which will be screened this month – no idea when, exactly. The filming took place down on beach side of town, as well as up in the old town, looking into the lives of the good folk of the village,…

Lobres Lives It Up

Don’t forget that up in ‘Megaville’ Lobres they will be celebrating their annual fiestas from Saturday the 10th until Monday the 13th in honour of San Antonio – Tony, to his mates.
Mind you, Monday doesn’t have anything happening, except for a Mass at 8pm – best not to attend that one if you are expecting a pint and a punch-up.

Gushing Success

El Parque de la Americas, in other words, the main park next to the church, is now sporting a geyser in the middle of the large central pond.

Lost at Sea

A very tragic shipwreck occurred of the Motril coast, involving a boat full of illegal immigrants, with pregnant women and children amongst them.

Got-Away Car

Normally, car showroom owners are only too happy when somebody drives off in one of their vehicles – if they have paid for it, that is…

Cota 200 Tarmacking

Bearing in mind that just about anything that a politician promises during the election month has the reliability of a Moroccan wrist watch, we bring you the following items of news…