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The Horseshoe’s Happiness

I want to submit an announcement for your What’s on section: an interesting cultural event taking place in La Herradura on October 9th, which is the premiere screening of a documentary called The Horseshoe’s Happiness.

Tomorrow’s Your Last Chance

Located in the Exhibition room of La Herradura’s Civic Centre, the exhibition is called I Reunión de Artistas Plásticos and will culminate tomorrow with each of the artists donating one of their pieces to the village

Guitar Duo at Civic Centre

Gary Ryan and Manus Noble, both accomplished British guitarists who have performed earlier in the year in La Herradura, will again be pleasing audiences within the village’s Civic Centre.

Naval Exhibition

La Herradura is holding a naval exhibition as part of the 451st commemoration of the 1562 shipwreck disaster in the bay. Twenty-five galleys were sunk by a storm with around 5,000 lives lost.