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Crazy Weekend

GRA Policia Local

There are plenty of people who are not taking the situation seriously, as last weekend demonstrated, especially in the provincial capital of Granada.

Cafeterías Can Remain Open

AND Junta Health Minister Jesus Aguirre

After announcing that the Junta would not tighten health measures, the Minister of Health announced a small change to opening hours. The Minister for Health & Families, Jesús Aguirre, explained that cafeterías could remain open between 18.00h and 20.00h, as long as during this period they did not serve alcohol. It should be explained that…

Lastest Local Covid Data: 14th

GRA Covid 01:12:20

Here is the weekly update on the pandemic situation. Readers who have been following these updates will see a slight increase in figures following the long, bank-holiday weekend last week.