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The Height of Lunacy

AND KDD Illegal Street Race Accident

A driver who had been driving dangerously, with a passenger sat half out the side window, turned the car over on a roundabout – he was arrested.

Cramped Logic?

A Supreme-Court judge has rejected a father’s request for joint custody because it is considered that his 80-sq/m flat is too small for them.

Hand It Back

A judge in the Granada law courts had ordered that the City Hall get back the 200,000 euros that they had awarded Town-Hall functionaries as productivity bonuses.

Weekly Covid Update

GRA Covid Map 14DC21

The figures published today by the Department of Health for the Junta clearly show an increment in contagion indicators with hospital cases increasing.

Surprising Rainbow

GRA Rainbow over Alhambra

A meteorlogical moment provided the Alhambra probably its best promotional helping hand last weekend, thanks to a combination of rain and sunshine.