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Deadly Diving

A 37-year-old Portugues tourist lost his life after diving into the sea from a rocky outcrop in the Paseo de los Carbineros area in Nerja. The accident occurred around midday on Thursday the 24th of February, when the man, who was in the company of family and friends, decided that he would dive head first into the sea from a low rocky outcrop…

Impressive Cheek

Not content with breaking and entering into an unoccupied house in Calahonda, the burglar set about knocking up 3,000 euros in telephone bills to sex lines.

Missing Fruit Crates

Come on! admit it; who hasn’t got a plastic fruit crate amongst their possessions, being very handy boxes in which to store things? Well, quite a few readers will probably be nodding.

Pepino Problems

It was last year, we believe, that anybody passing the Carchuna beach would have seen hundreds of metres of cucumber mounds, rotting. The reason was that there had been a glut and it was cheaper to dump them rather than sell them at below-production prices.
This year the sector is beset by the same problem and the local cucumber farmers were talking of dumping the whole crop again.

Avoidable Flooding?

That is what the residents of Calahonda are asking themselves after extensive flooding beset the town. The fact of the matter is that torrential rain cannot be blamed on municipal authorities, but the readiness – or lack of it – of a town to cope with such phenomenon is quite another matter.

Good News for Pensioners

The Chairman of the Local Entity Council for Carchuna- Calahonda has announced that there will be a discount on rubbish tax for pensioners that receive less than 900 euros a month. It’s worth explaining that a ‘Local Entity’ is the term for an autonomous municipal annex of a larger town, in this case, of Motril.

The Sardine Rocket

When the rocket goes up in Calahonda at midday, it means that the BBQ’d sardines are ready in the Media Luna bar. Anybody on the beach then knows that they will have to be quick if they want an Espeto de Sardinas… como dios manda!

Costa Tropical Hotel Blues?

The 13th of August was the only day, so far, that hotels on the Costa Tropical were 100% full – campsites, however, have been full on the last two weekends at least.

First Step, First Stone…

Politicians are given to presenting work projects, on site, with a ceremonial first-stone placing – and normally, that’s it, with not much else happening on the project for months or even years to come. Let’s hope that this is not the case with the presentation of the Rules Reservoir pipe connection to the east coast of Granada.