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Butano Goes Up Today

Today the price of a butane bottle will go up by 4.91% and will now cost 17.75 euros. The new price was published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado yesterday.

The Dodgy Butano Man Returns!

We have published several articles over the past few years about these ‘cold callers’ who wear clothing very similar to that worn by Repsol representatives and try to convince householders that they require a ‘gas safety check.’ They then have a quick look around your appliances, which is swiftly followed by a huge bill.

Record 17.5 Euros for Butano

The price of a domestic 12.5k butane bottle went up today reaching a price that has never been paid before: 17.5 euros. That’s a 2.15% rise on the previous price and gives a total increase so far in 2013 of 7.2%.

Butane Goes Up

On the 26th of March the price of a bottle of butane (una bombona de butano) went up to 17.13 euros, which is a 5% rise on the previous price of 16.32 euros.

Another Electricity Bill Hike

Just when utility service users are getting used to the last cost increment in their domestic electricity bills, the Central Government announced that as of the 1st of July, it would go up a further 3.95%.

Butano Going Up – Surprise!

Yes, yes, they’ve only recently put the price up for a bottle of butane gas, but that isn’t going to stop them putting it up again on the 1st of July, so that a bottle will cost you 16.43 euros!