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German Woman Arrested in Motril

By Vivienne Hughes

A German woman and her adult son were caught allegedly trying to smuggle an illegal immigrant into the country via Motril Port on the 30th of December. »

Three Quarters of a Million in the Boot

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil were surprised to find 753,000 euros in the boot of a car at a control point. The driver said he had no idea how it had got there. »

Málaga Murder

By David Darby

The body of Málaga lawyer, Salvador Andrés Reina was found in the boot of his car near the bus station in the city last Friday. The find brings to an end, in the worst possible way, the uncertainty felt by the family over his disappearance. The 50-year-old lawyer's body showed signs of having suffered... »

Rastro Boot Sale

By Héloïse Nolan

Oh, dear, oh dear. If it’s not the weather, it’s the economy. I’m sitting at the Mac, trying hard to find something positive to write - as yet another thunderstorm rages overhead, deluging us with even more rain. It’s difficult to find something positive to write about, but there was a bright spot: the... »

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