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Summer Blue-Zone Times

The Zona Azules on the La Herradura and Almuñécar seafront parking areas will “only” be activated during July and August this year, eliminating September..

Almuñécar vs Summer Parking

First it was the PSOE opposition party that voiced the obvious: if something is not done to make parking easier in Almuñécar this summer, then people are going to go elsewhere. Now the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera is juggling with the parking deficit.

Driver-Friendly Salobreña

Salobreña shows all the signs of having it very clear that if you want to come to Salobreña to spend your holidays, then it is a certainty that you are going to come by car, which is why the town goes out of its way to make sure you can find somewhere to park… and no blue zones, even in the height of summer.

Blue Zones Extended

If you asked people in Almuñécar how the new Mayor was doing, most would have given her a pass mark; as soon as she came into office she reduced blue-zone hours, injecting some common sense into the affair. The same could be said for other issues. Which is why her latest decision on extended blue zones has taken everybody aback, not least, the Fermín Tejero of the IU party.

Blue Zone Changes in Almunecar

We managed to collar Francisco Prados, who is the leader of the local PSOE and opposition leader, concerning the Blue Zones in Almunecar. He confirmed that in the first Plenary meeting of the Town Council it was agreed to reduce the Blue Zone timetables, although not as much as his party had proposed.

IU Promises to Remove Blue Zones

Now whilst on the subject of Blue Zones I was gratified to see at least one party had promised to get rid of them should they get into power, or at least have a voice in a coalition council. The party in question was the IU, which is a traditional left-wing party, rather than the modern left of centre socialists.

Asking Benny

Brilliant, I thought, just as the election campaigns begin, I suddenly appear on the Mayor’s TV channel – great for neutrality, but having been knobbled, I decided to go ahead and ask him some simmering questions.

Reader’s Letter

This is just to say that the blue zone in La Herradura – which may be logical during the two-three summer months – is ruining it for all businesses the rest of the year.

Not Quite Right

How is it that nobody has seriously complained about the state of the Blue Zone parking area in the village? I mean, with the indecent amount that is made by the company that manages the Blue Zones over the last year, how is it that they cannot afford to tarmac areas?