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Truly Tragic

SPN Father Rushing to hospital, knocks down and kills pedestrian.

A 57-year-old pedestrian was killed when an out-of-control BMW careened onto a pedestrian street and ran him over. The driver had been rushing his daughter to hospital.

Dead on a Roof

The body of a man was found on the roof of a house in barrio de Basurto in Bilbao. At was at 10.10h yesterday that a neighbour had noticed a man lying, without moving, on the roof tiles.

Callous Kitten Ditcher

Somebody stuck three live, recently born, kittens in a plastic bag and threw them in a rubbish hopper – they weren’t going to last long in a garbage-lorry compacter.

Mayors Face Salary Cuts

Thanks to a pending agreement between the two major political parties in Spain, 14 mayors of provincial capital cities could see their salaries reduced. At present the said mayors receive over 67,055 euros a year in salary, which is the salary of a Spanish Secretary of State.