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Dead on a Roof

The body of a man was found on the roof of a house in barrio de Basurto in Bilbao. At was at 10.10h yesterday that a neighbour had noticed a man lying, without moving, on the roof tiles.

Callous Kitten Ditcher

SPN Abandoned Kittens OnL

Somebody stuck three live, recently born, kittens in a plastic bag and threw them in a rubbish hopper – they weren’t going to last long in a garbage-lorry compacter.

Mayors Face Salary Cuts

Thanks to a pending agreement between the two major political parties in Spain, 14 mayors of provincial capital cities could see their salaries reduced. At present the said mayors receive over 67,055 euros a year in salary, which is the salary of a Spanish Secretary of State.

Bad Day for Mum

(Santa Fe/Granada) Little did Manuela Cordoba suspect, when she left her home in the morning, that by midday she would be mistaken for a bank robber and her son’s toy pistol confiscated…
She was fined 100 euros and had her driving licence confiscated… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s start at the beginning.