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VI Kedada Volkswagen Clásicos Playera

Volkswagens from all over Andalucía, Murcia and Alicante turned up for this classic VW Beetle & Microbus meet in La Herradura on the 10th. The organisers, Club VW Granada, registered 42 such vehicles in the village with a total of 76 people participating.

Imprudent Pruning?

There is a time to prune and a time when not to, and the basic guideline is do it whilst the plant is seasonally dormant. Hence the latest political squabble in Almuñécar.

Beetle Bother

The Escarabajo (red beetle) has now well and truly got its clutches into the Washington palm trees on the coast and has set off an alarm signal from the Agricultural Department of Parks and Gardens in Motril. It appears the situation with regard to these little monsters destroying palms has now been declared to be at a level of ‘uncontrollable.’