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Electronic Cigarettes Curbed

The health authorities and regional administrations have agreed to a limited prohibition on electronic cigarettes. The move is dependent upon the coming European legislation on tighter smoking laws.

Horseless Romeria?

The Romeria del Sur has been held in Salobreña for the last 50 years and each year the town is full of colourful horse carriages and proudly rode horses – just was a romeria should be… but not this year.

Beach Umbrella War Abates

Six years ago, Benavides declared war on the Granadinos over beach umbrellas – there was no problem with people using them for what they were intended; the problem was they were being used to stake out a spot on the beach for later use.

Fining Campervans

A new decree from Motril Council has wafted its way down the corridors of power and is now being implemented by the Tourism Department. Continuous complaints from residents living in the tourist zones of the beaches, golf course and near the camp sites of Motril have sparked this new initiative.

A Beach Umbrella War?

It was in La Herradura, 2004 that the first War of the Parasols broke out, after the Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides, ordered that any unattended beach ‘furniture’ would be confiscated.

Beach Brolly Rebellion!

You will all remember the great beach brolly rebellion of 2004, when the Mayor, for the first time, banned unattended beach equipment, under threat of being confiscated.