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Calahonda Attack

Antonio Guzmán is a lucky man, although if you took a look at his battered face as he lies in his hospital bed, you wouldn’t think so. This 59-year-old man does the late shift at Hotel-Restaurante El Ancla in Calahona and it was 03.30h that his life changed radically.

Russian Sets Light to Woman

A Russian man, ex military of some 45 years of age, poured 96º alcohol over the back of a female friend and set light to her, causing first and second-degree burns – this took place along the Rambla del Piojo in Motril.

Wonky World x 3

Three Wonky World articles, including Twittering jurors cause a retrial, don’t try to mug an MMA fighter even if you have a gun and being Mark Zuckerburg…or not.

Not Recommended

The incident occurred at the entrance into Torrenueva, on Saturday the 12th in the evening. Two policemen on traffic duty saw that the approaching car had defective lights and waved him down. The police had explained why the were going to fine him, which was when he punched one of them in the face, causing him to fall to the ground and bang the back of his head on the tarmac. Taken aback by his own violent efficiency, he then threatened the other policeman.

Hospital Violence

It was 9am one Saturday morning and the Emergency Department was already filling up – some people had been there hours, others were arriving. One patient, however, decided that her test results were taking too long…

Wild Boar Rampage

A man seeking wild mushrooms up the mountains along the Old Road to Granada was unpleasantly surprised when a wild boar came darting out of the bush to plunge his tusks into this calf.

Peña Escrita and Lion Attacks

Peña Escrita, Almuñécar’s very controversial mountain park, has been in the news on three occasions this month, and only one them for a positive reason. The

Doctor Attack

A doctor at our local medical centre was punched several times, and his computer screen and keyboard smashed with a hammer by an angry local man on the 1st of July.