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Two Days of Mourning

Araceli Morales, 60 years old, succumbed to her brutally inflicted injuries, allegedly caused by her 50-year-old husband. She passed away in Granada’s main hospital.

Lucky Levi’s!

A tale of domestic violence from the USA now, where Gerald Orock, 56, from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, was having one the latest of violent arguments with his ex-wife Lisa Jones-Orock. However, during this particular argument, Mrs. Jones-Orock decided to cut off her ex husband’s penis with a Stanley Knife.

Madrid Tiger Attack

You can’t help thinking that if you lock up and tease the most powerful land killer on earth, chances are, one day he’s going to have just had enough. Well, this exact scenario came to pass the other day in Madrid, where Danny Gottani, a 35-year-old chap who has been working with tigers since he was 18.

Xbox Man Gnashes Neighbour’s Meat & Two Vedge

What a headline! And it’s true! Jason Martin, a 41-year-old from Dover in Kent, England, was so incensed that his neighbour had sent him a text asking him to turn down his Xbox, he went to his house, confronted him, and bit his penis and testicles.

Donkey Death

Did you know…? More people are killed each year by donkeys than are killed in plane crashes. Well, let’s be honest, who’s counting? And more importantly, who cares? We just thought that this little snippet of information might help understand this following story.
Two donkeys are to be destroyed after they chased a elderly who was riding a ‘mobility scooter,’ dragged him off and then killed him.

Plane Madness

Having been on both ends of the screaming toddler on plane problem, this next story is difficult to believe, from either standpoint.
Joe Rickey Hundley, a 60-year-old man from Idaho, decided he had had enough of the distressed 2-year-old and decided to ask the mother to quieten the infant down, however, his alleged choice of words probably didn’t help the situation, “Will you shut that n****r baby up!”