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Andrés Segovia Competition

By Louise Powell

The Certamen Internacional de Guitarra Clásica Andrés Segovia in La Herradura is upon us again, this year being the 35th. »

Avenida Prieto Moreno Finished

By Hugh MacArthur

Work on Avenida Prieto Moreno in La Herradura has just about finished, with the works concentrating on painting the lines on the new tarmac. »

Andrés Segovia 2019 Results

By Louise Powell

German, classical guitarist, Julia Trintschuk (Stuttgart (1997) has won the XXXIV Certamen Internacional de Guitarra Clásica Andrés Segovia, 2019. »

Andrés Segovia 2019 is Here

By Louise Powell

Last night at 18.00h the second elimination stage of the Andrés Segovia Classical Guitar Competition 2019 kicked off. »

A. Segovia Guitar Competition

By Martin Myall

If you're well slick on a fretboard then you have until the 14th of January to get your name down for the next Segovia Guitar Competition. »

Rest. Nº20 La Herradura

By David Darby

Good news! With the summer madness just about over and done with and those pesky holidaymakers on their way home, it’s back to normality here on the coast. »

Segovia Results

By Martin Myall

Portuguese guitarist, Joaquim Santos Simoës (born 1995), won the first prize at the XXXIII Certamen Internacional de Guitarra Clásica Andrés Segovia. »

Andrés Segovia 2018

By Louise Powell

(KAR10/COE16) Today sees the start of the Classical Guitar, Andrés Segovia competition in La Herradura, ending on the 27th. »

Andrés Segovia Winner

By Martin Myall

The 34-year-old, Cuban, classical guitarist, Alí Arango, has won this year's International Andrés Segovia Guitar competition, which concluded on Sunday the 22nd. »

ATM Blast Update

By Hugh MacArthur

The explosion that wrecked the ATM in La Herradura in the early hours of Tuesday the 10th was the work of a gang that specialises in this kind of robbery; this is the sixth in the province this month. »

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