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Rain Drain Cleaning

COS Rain Drain Clearing

The water, utility company, Aguas y Servicios is in the midst of clearing out rain drains on the Costa Tropical in preparation for the coming rains.

Joe Strummer Square

GRA Placeta de Joe Strummer

There’s a small square in the city of Granada that bears the name Joe Strummer, who many of you might remember was a member of the British punk band, The Clash.

Extreme Nail Biting

AND Kenyan Witchcraft in Sevilla

A woman in Sevilla cut off two fingers from her flat mate’s hand and ate them, which didn’t go down well. Actually the fingers did but the victim wasn’t happy about it.

A Volcanic Visit

AND Volcanic atmospher Trail

The ambience of the Canary Islands is a little closer today as the huge plume has wafted our way in a much diluted form, so don’t panic!

41 Club Nerja

NRJ Club 41

It’s been coming up to two years (20 months) since the 40-odd members of  41 Club Nerja have been able to meet up for a club, social gathering.