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Tree Planting on Cerro Gordo

Pupils and members of the parents association for IES Al Andalus went on a tree-planting expedition on Cerro Gordo, La Herradura. All told, around a hundred Spanish oaks, pines and carob trees were planted.

Motril and Domestic Violence

Between Thursday the 21st and Monday the 25th of February, the Motril police received three phone calls related to domestic violence. In one of the cases, there was even a court-order involved.

Lift for Medical Centre

The Mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, has confirmed that the medical centre will have a lift installed. He made the pledge after having met with the Managing Director of the Regional Hospital for Axarquia, José Pinazo.

The Rebellion of The Firemen

There was a case about a week ago in the north of Spain, where firemen refused to carry out a request made by the police over an eviction case. It has had resounding consequences.