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Gurtel Gnashing

As mentioned last month, the connection between the national corruption scandal of Caso Gürtel and the Urbanisacion Las Alminares has been taken up by the Salobreña opposition parties as an electoral WMD against the Mayor.

Corruption Touchdown I

El Caso Gürtel is possibly the biggest corruption scandal in history of post-Franco Spain, and one of its tentacles has touched the Costa Tropical: Urbanisación Las Alminares.

Corruption Touchdown II

First of all, it is very important to make it very clear here that not all the villas in Urbanisación las Alminares are tainted by this scandal – many were bought by honest people through honest means.

Money Laundering

There’s only one place to start this month’s effort, for it’s not often our village makes the national news! I refer of course to the investigation (code-named Gürtel) into the source of funds used to purchase some of the houses built on the new(ish) urbanisation Alminares, abutting the Monte de Los Almendros.