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75,000 Euros Misspent

The new Councillor for Social Welfare in the Almuñécar Town Hall accuses the previous administration under Juan Carlos Benavides of funneling grant money away from its intended use.

Abandoned to their Fate?

People requiring home help in Almuñécar have been unable to receive it for the last twelve months, thanks to the dispute between the Town Hall and the private service provider, Adhara, which resulted in the company going bust.

Adhara Goes

It looks like the long running, social-services company, Adhara, will be biting the dust, much to many people’s chagrin.

Hunger Strike?

It now seems that the social care association, Adhara, is threatening to go on hunger strike if the Town Hall does not pay them what is owing to them. They say that they cannot pay their workers, who provide home help and other services for the elderly and infirm, if funds are not received.

Social Services Strike

The social services, provided by Adhara, narrowly avoided disaster when a strike that was set for the 20th of November was called off.