Slip, Sliding Away…

Several houses in the Carmenes del Mar estate have been affected by landslides, with one family having to move out after part of the garden fell away on New Year’s Eve.

On the Move

Calle Canalejas, which is the one that runs past the church, appears to be subsiding, with cracks appearing in a couple of buildings, claims the PSOE.

Pergolas Perish

The wooden pergolas in Plaza Nueva were in such a lamentable state that the Town Hall finally had to do something about them…

Castle Care Funds

The Town Hall has managed to land a grant towards restoring the castle. Of the project budget of just under a million euros, 60% will come from the Junta de Andalucía,

Builder Berates Bank

Banks get tough on building companies, but sometimes, building companies get tough on banks, which is the case of Alaminos e Hijos and CajaSur.

Unfulfilled Pledges

Here we are, a mere three months from the next local elections and one of the winning party’s election promises stands unfulfilled, which is hardly surprising seeing as things have gone pretty egg shaped since May 2007.

Pirates and Fishermen

A total of four fishing boats from Motril have set off to troubled waters, their families, neighbours and fellow fishermen fired off festive rockets when they threw off their mooring ropes in a vain attempt to raise their spirits.

Dry Dock for Motril Port

There are plans to build a dry dock right next to the Club Náutico, within Motril Port. The port authorities are putting it up to tender for a 10-year lease, extendible five years more with an investment needed of around 800,000 euros.

Publication Update: February

Peel your oggling marbles – this is the plan. We go to the printer Monday 31st, meaning that hardcopy distribution begins Wednesday 2nd February in the evening. The online edition, of course will start going up on the 1st, as always, if I can convince, Dave Darby, back in England, to put some stuff up…

A Good Man

Most will agree that the most talked about subject among women is relationships – usually the relationship (or lack thereof) that we have with a man in our life. So Ladies, this one is for you. It is what I perceive to be some of the highlights of a book that I recently read containing…