The Gift of Giving

I am sitting in Vancouver and it’s snowing! Watching the snowflakes fall reminds me that Christmas is drawing near and that it is also the time for giving – usually in the form of presents.

New Criminal Law

On the 23rd December 2010, the new reformed Penal Code will come into force. The new modifications are designed to provide new devices for fighting town planning and organised crime.

Season to be Jolly…

Maybe not, after alcohol was voted the most dangerous drug in modern society in a research by Doctor Nutt (no joke) recently published in the Lancet medical journal.

Christmas Thoughts

The streets of Almuñécar, Motril and Granada have been tingling with Christmas paraphernalia for weeks now, and the shops are crowded with people buying all kinds of goodies, dolls and plastic toys.

Eternal Affairs

What we sent abroad last month was nowhere welcome. Obama did not like Merkel, the English did not like the bomb parcel from Yemen, arriving via Cologne, and the Spanish did not like my Pope. I say, ‘My Pope,’ because he was my local bishop back in the 70’s.

387,286 & Counting

It took that many men to bring the controversy about screening for prostate cancer onto the agenda again. There had never been a unanimous agreement about sense and nonsense of screening for prostate cancer, although it feels like that there is nowadays a generally accepted “must check” approach.

Fly Fishing Pro

It is somewhat nerve-wracking writing an article about someone who is a writer himself. I am talking about my life-long friend, Henrik Mortensen. He is the author of the book, Fly Casting Scandinavian Style, and is currently working on another.

Men Don’t Multi-Task

One of the things I love about writing this column is the title Martin gives it. I’m so tempted this month to name it but shall wait and see if he thinks the same. Ok, bit long winded but funny. Men don’t multitask?

Summing Up

At one time rumor had it that the America’s ‘streets were paved with gold’ and many came to its shores in hopes of a better life. It’s probably safe to say that we now know that rumor isn’t so true and that the effects of pursuing the ‘American dream’ can be felt around the world.

Christmas and New Year Menus

Seven restaurants in Almuñécar offer their festive menus here, describing content, times and prices – plenty to choose from if you still haven’t decided on where you will be eating, come Christmas and New Year. Note: Argentina Steakhouse haven’t given us the details yet but it is worth pointing out that they celebrate Christmas Lunch on the 26th; i.e., Boxing Day

The ‘Insectia’ Civil

Vícar is pioneering a new project in the biological fight against certain plagues which, erm, plague the agricultural industry, by taking measures used by that sector and using them in parks, gardens and public spaces.

Lanjarón Walks

The most visited area in the Alpujarra, Lanjarón, has debuted a new footpath starting from the health spa and ending, a kilometre later, at the Arabic fortress.