Illegal Housing Pardon

The Motril Town Hall is asking for a pardon for the 3,000 illegal dwellings within its municipality, 300 of which have been ‘found’ in the last year.

Motril Annual Air Display

The sixth annual air display will be held on the 5th of June – we’re telling you now and will remind you next month – on Playa Granada. As it’s also the centenary anniversary of aviation history in Spain, the organiser, José Miguel Pérez hopes to be able to include aircraft from the UK, Portugal and North America.

Airborne Smugglers Nabbed

Talking of aircraft, the chap who flew hashish from Morocco off the Motril coastline in a helicopter has been found guilty of drug smuggling and being in possession of illegal substances.

Smuggling Yacht Trial

And talking of Narco Nabbing… the case of a yacht, skippered by a Swiss, 67-year-old man and crewed by a younger Italian companion, which was caught carrying drugs, is coming up shortly.

Easter Pardon

Let’s start off with some good news this month – God knows that there isn’t much news for the town this month, other than political pledges for the local elections on the 25th of this month.

Beach Area Expropriation

The Town Hall has given the head to expropriate 350,000 sq/m of land near the beach because after a decade the landowners could not come to any accord amongst them.

Cake Intake Mistake

Seven youngsters ended up in hospital after eating a cannabis-laced cake. The girl who cooked it, who also needed medical attention, was not held in custody but released pending trial, although the judge decided soon after to drop the charges.

Publication Update – May

We collect the Gazette from the printer tomorrow, but bear in mind that Motril has a four-day bank-holiday weekend, so most places there won’t get the Gazette until the 4th. Anyway the online edition, of course will start going up on the 1st, as always, albeit in the evening. Distribution is as follows: The hard-copy…

Wonky World – April

Shower Power We start the World Section of your April Gazette with the usual hard hitting journalistic news to which you’ve become accustomed. Naked women taking a shower near a busy road ended up causing a collision… hardly surprising! The naked stunts/protests have taken place in cities throughout the world, and are being organised by…

Sensible Doctors at Last?

Scientific research has just demonstrated, scientifically, that a manually obtained blood pressure in the doctor’s office is higher than a blood pressure taken by an automated device without a white-coated doc insight – big news?

Accident Responsibility in Spain

In cases of accidents it is often quite difficult to know if the victim is entitled to compensation and in most situations it is impossible to automatically determine the responsibilities of the different parties involved without the intervention of a judge.

20 Handy Tips

My girlfriends and I were recently sharing very handy tips that have been passed down to us – mostly by our grandmothers. I haven’t tried all of them myself yet, so I can’t guarantee how well they work. Here are a few I’d like to share with you