Unfair Dismissal

A Judge has found the Town Hall guilty of contravening the constitutional rights of a worker when it fired him for asking to be paid what he considered to be a just amount. The dining-hall scene from Oliver Twist comes to mind… What! More?

Reluctant Villagers

Returning to the elections, but on an anecdotal note, Lentegi with its teeming population of 340 inhabitants takes the biscuit (wins) when it comes to electoral oddities.

Unicef Paella

The Unicef, fund-raising event took place in the Majuelo park on the 7th of May with around 200 people attending and getting stuck into Joaquim’s giant paella.

Lorry Park

By the time that you are reading this, the El Coso; i.e., the P-4 duck pond, will be a lorry park – there is much necessity for one in Almunecar, but time will tell whether the location is a feasible one.

New Mercandona?

Mercandona will be opening up a new supermarket on San Cristóbal, behind Hotel Playa (the old Sol Melía). Quite apart from actually having a decent-sized supermarket on that side of town, it will also come with 200 parking spaces – whoopee! Hang slack, though, this was announced during the election campaign by the Town Hall…

La Herradura Rejects Benavides

Touching on the local elections, yet again, it is worth pointing out that nowhere was the defeat of the Mayor’s party so keenly felt than in La Herradura, with the CA coming in behind the PP (most voted for) and the PSOE.

Running Out of Patience

I received a very disgruntled letter from a resident in Carmenes del Mar, who is absolutely disgusted with how Comarex is behaving over their responsibility for the disastrous state of many houses up there.

Starfish Big Gig

Starfish’s young musical Talent perform live at the Big Gig. Starfish España is happy to announce their highlight of the year, the Big Gig, showcasing local bands of talented young musicians performing live on stage. It takes place on Saturday 11th June from 19.00 at the Peña Parda restaurant and has free admission.


A spot of local business news concerning MasPalomas: summer opening hours are now all day from 10.00am – 11.30 pm, except Sunday evenings and all day Monday.

Dr Animal Campaign

Dr Animal Clinic on Plaza Nueva tells us that their May campaign was a great success, so they’ve decided to continue offering the same campaign during the month of June, as well.

Property Tax Overturned

The Supreme Court of Andalucía has declared as null and void the municipal council meeting that approved the rise in the IBI (property rates).

Trouser Theft!

The Motril law courts sentenced a woman from Salobreña for the theft of a pair of trousers containing 900 euros. Some further explanation is obviously required.

Venezuelan Expulsion

A Motril law court has sent three men and two women back to their country of origin – Venezuela, on a 10-year minimum expulsion order. The reason for it is that firstly they were here illegally, and secondly, they had tried to get hold of 1,800 euros that a sub-manager of a savings bank in…

Salobrena on National TV

A national TV network, La Sexta, has been filming in Salobreña for a travel programme, which will be screened this month – no idea when, exactly. The filming took place down on beach side of town, as well as up in the old town, looking into the lives of the good folk of the village,…