Unfulfilled Pledges

Here we are, a mere three months from the next local elections and one of the winning party’s election promises stands unfulfilled, which is hardly surprising seeing as things have gone pretty egg shaped since May 2007.

Pirates and Fishermen

A total of four fishing boats from Motril have set off to troubled waters, their families, neighbours and fellow fishermen fired off festive rockets when they threw off their mooring ropes in a vain attempt to raise their spirits.

Dry Dock for Motril Port

There are plans to build a dry dock right next to the Club Náutico, within Motril Port. The port authorities are putting it up to tender for a 10-year lease, extendible five years more with an investment needed of around 800,000 euros.

Publication Update: February

Peel your oggling marbles – this is the plan. We go to the printer Monday 31st, meaning that hardcopy distribution begins Wednesday 2nd February in the evening. The online edition, of course will start going up on the 1st, as always, if I can convince, Dave Darby, back in England, to put some stuff up…

A Good Man

Most will agree that the most talked about subject among women is relationships – usually the relationship (or lack thereof) that we have with a man in our life. So Ladies, this one is for you. It is what I perceive to be some of the highlights of a book that I recently read containing…

International Child Abduction

It is quite common to hear about separated parents living in different countries where one parent denies the return of a child after a temporary parental visit. Spain protects parents who have child custody and who are residents in Spain through their national laws, international agreements and bilateral agreements between countries.

Sensational Sleep

I love my sleep. In fact, I love sleep so much, that sleep is the first thing I think about when I wake up! If I don’t get enough sleep, I am cranky and rather unpleasant.

Embarking on the 2nd Decade

When writing this I am listening to the traditional ceremony of December 22nd, with children singing out winning numbers for the Spanish Christmas Lottery, perhaps the biggest lottery worldwide. The total amount of prizes paid out is about 2,3 billion euros.

Angry Citizen

“Citizen full of anger,” has been chosen words of the year 2010 by the Society of German Language and it has already been rejected by the ‘angry” citizens,’ because it does not reflect the reason of their discontent.

The Little Mermaid

I am home in Vancouver, Canada and have just come back from a visit to Stanley Park, one of the city’s most popular and visited attractions. In this wonderful and lush park you will find totem poles, an aquarium, a rose garden, a sea wall, bike trails, pools, playgrounds, not to mention a multitude of monuments and statues.


A friend of mine came over for a visit. She said I should tell you about the mentally deranged transference of personalities we have projected onto our animals and the names we call them… Come on; we all do it.

Arrived in the USA

Arene and Dave Nichols, safely esconced in their new home in Tucson, Arizona, bring to you our Americana column. However, sharing the column, divided into “HIS” and “HERS” just might test their domestic bliss… Read on!