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HMS Ark Royal to be Scrapped

The Royal Navy’s flagship, the aircraft carrier Ark Royal, is to be scrapped early as part of the government’s defence review. The UK’s Harrier jump jets will be axed, the money saved going towards the cost of two new aircraft carriers. It means that, until at least 2019, Britain will not have the ability to…

News on HMS…

Subject: HMS Intrepid & HMS Fearless To: almunecarrna@yahoo.com Date: Saturday, October 9, 2010, 12:58 PM Hello We are proud to announce the launch of our new website www.hmsintrepid.co.uk This site is an informative area for HMS Intrepid and her sister ship HMS fearless. There is also a memorabilia area and we post all items worldwide.…

Royal Naval Association

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One for the Diary

the Fundación Fabretto at the Auditorio Manuel de Falla, which is situated within the grounds of the Alhambra. The auditorium is considered one of the best in Europe and the best in Spain.

Classifieds for Cancer

The AECC (Spanish Association against Cancer/Asociación Española Contra el Cancer) and The Seaside Gazette have teamed up to raise funds in the name of cancer. This project is in the form of the Classifieds ads page, which is now entitled Classifieds for Cancer. Starting this month, the Seaside Gazette is donating this page to the…

Comunidad Ins and Outs

When you own a property in Spain, you will most probably belong to a community of owners or residents association, except where your property is a detached house and not within an urbanización.

If I Could Hold Back Time

We came to Spain to slow down the march of Time, but as they say, Time stands still for no man. To the point, I attended my 2nd, non-family-related 60th birthday party this month. Long gone are the 18th, 21st, weddings, christenings and divorce parties, now its 50th and 60th and funerals.

Social Networking

I am on Facebook. It was a bit hard for my grandchildren at first to cope with the idea of becoming my buddies. But now they are getting used to the idea of me monitoring their behavior in cyber space. I have interfered only once. It was when one of them, who I have always…


Epigenetics is natures equivalent to the invention of the wheel. Everybody knows about DNA; long threads on which the genes are lined up, the totality of which is our very own individual existence.

Regional News – October

7,000 Happy Bunnies Yes, the locals from Jete, Lentegí, Lobres, La Rábita and El Castillo – the aforesaid mentioned number – will have partial access to the regional health service’s data banks, meaning that certain tasks can be carried out without leaving the comfort of your own home. Diraya is a system that permits patients…

Business in Focus

Going on holiday is supposed to be fun, but what if you fall sick? It does happen. And what do you do if you have chosen the south of Spain for your permanent residence and need healthcare but still haven’t got your tongue around the Spanish language yet? Perhaps you simply prefer a more personal and comfortable approach? Problems, problems…

Life-Giving Leaks

I went to have a shower the other day, as usual, only to find there was merely a dribble of water. I start shouting, “Chris, Chris, Chrrriiissssss,” Nothing. I get out get dressed and stagger up the back, can’t breathe, to find him by the water pressure pump. Having a Miss Marple moment I think…

Reader’s Letter

This is just to say that the blue zone in La Herradura – which may be logical during the two-three summer months – is ruining it for all businesses the rest of the year.