Going, Going, Gone!

You will have noticed that the parking spaces along C/Sánchez Chaves (along the bottom of the municipal market) have disappeared.

Eight Million Saved

The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía has just reached a finding that will save the municipal coffers nearly 8-million euros for the original purchase of the Palacete La Najarra, which is the present day Tourist Information Office.

Streets Affected by Roadworks

We have just received notice that the following streets in Motril will be closed for public works from Monday morning (7th) until the 18th of this month – 11 days. Plaza Javier de Burgos C/Marqués de Vistabella up to C/ Milanesa C/Cruz de Conchas up to C/Arco Oliver C/ Cardenal Belluga up to Plaza Canalejas

Diver Finds Hidden Drugs

Eight waterproof packages containing a total of 200 kilos of hashish were discovered, anchored just off La Playa del Muerto, which is the one at the far end of Cotobro, accessible via a pathway around the rocks. The submerged ‘goodies’ were discovered by a local diver.

Unjustified Expense?

The IU has denounced the ‘extra expense’ of half a million euros being spent on Almuñécar’s subterranean car parks.

Knock, knock!

The Guardia Civil arrested a 40-year-old Almuñequero, who possess quite an impressive criminal record, for beating the crap out of a shop window with a concrete parasol stand

Rising Damp

Although the winter rains have not be intense, they have been abundant, which has led to the water table rising and the Roman aqueduct gardens flooding again, which is hardly surprising seeing as they are standing on a base several metres below ground level; i.e., ground level during Roman times.

Roundabout for Town Centre

You will have noticed that something is going on along the main drag (Avda. Juan Carlos) between the bus station and the beach! Yes, the crossroads where the P-4 road from Mercandona cuts across it is being changed into a roundabout!

Fire in Flat

A woman was taken to hospital, seriously ill from having inhaled large quantities of smoke from her burning house. Although the fire occurred on the 7th of January, just how the fire broke out was not known at the time of going to print.

Car Park Building Alterations

Work on what was Parking Leo (under the municipal market) has begun, with al budget of 740,041 euros. The underground car park – which was the first ever to be built in Almuñécar – is now run by the Motril-based construction company, Hermanos García.

Hand It Back!

There’s a spot of conflict between the old Sol Meliá hotel, now Playa Almuñécar, and the Town Hall over subventions – we’re talking about a piffling 346,709 euros

Rare Birds Stolen

Somebody’s stolen several species of rare parrots from the Almuñécar bird park, Loro Sexi – is nothing sacred!

Bird Park for Lease

the Town Hall is beginning the process of handing over the running of municipal bird-park installations into private hands after 23 years.