Very Few Jellyfish

There was at least some good news in Almuñécar this summer; there were hardly any jellyfish, during July and August. In

Post Problem

Local residents and visitors alike are tired of having to negotiate the ‘assault course’ of left-over posts, which are the remnants of the old wooden paseo.

Family Protests Innocence

Last month we reported on Justo Márquez; the guy with the cross who wanted to carry it to Madrid in protest. He was found just north of Granada, having suffered from heat stroke – there’s a surprise!

Water Bomb

Did everybody see the spectacular Infoca operation in La Herradura bay on the 19th of August, with the aircraft swooping in and picking up huge amounts of seawater?

Right to Protest

There was a Letter to the Editor in the Ideal newspaper on the 5th of August, entitled: The Right to Protest in Almuñécar, which was sent in by Concepción Barrencheguren from Granada. In it she refers to some people in Almuñécar who consider that visitors do not have any right to protest over the state…

Road Sign Madness

There was an interesting article in Ideal, pointing out the failures of the signage at the main entrance and exit to the village. The problem being that there is no sign for the A-7.

PP Thumbs Down for Mayor

The local branch of the PP (conservatives) have described the first two years of the Mayor’s present term of office as ‘disastrous.’ For

Summer Over

The summer is just about done, and the sensible will have arrived back, or will soon be arriving back from northern Europe after escaping the August madness of ‘blue-zone blues,’ packed beaches, short tempers in cars and suicidal youths on mopeds.

Law Court Building Delayed

One of the things that literally thousands of visitors to Almuñécar missed this summer, whilst driving around, looking desperately for somewhere to park, was the

Wobbly Weeds

A 42-year-old fruit farmer from Almuñécar was nabbed by the Guardia Civil for being too experimental with his crops –

It’s Here

For Almuñécar the road-borne misery is over… or is it? This summer, the Taramay roundabout could be very congested, with cars coming off the autovía to join the N-340 and meeting heavy traffic coming from Salobreña – normally in the form of tailbacks.