The Expatriate Voting Case

James Preston’s expat voting rights case against the British government was heard in the High Court in London on the 8th November, and final judgement is currently awaited.

Crackdown on Rubbish

The Salobreña Town Hall has sent out ultimatums to 30 owners of empty building plots and/or derelict buildings around the town. The message is clear: you tidy them up, or we will, and then we’ll send you the bill.

RBL Charity Walk

On Sunday 6th November eighteen members and friends of the Nerja Branch, Royal British Legion took part in a sponsored walk through the town in support of the 2011 Poppy Appeal. Setting off from the Al Andalus Hotel in Maro, the group made their way down to the Balcon de Europa and then on to the Puente restaurant where they enjoyed drinks and tapas.

Good News for Pensioners

The Chairman of the Local Entity Council for Carchuna- Calahonda has announced that there will be a discount on rubbish tax for pensioners that receive less than 900 euros a month. It’s worth explaining that a ‘Local Entity’ is the term for an autonomous municipal annex of a larger town, in this case, of Motril.

Wonky World

Some Wonky World articles from the November edition… including ‘Dwarf Tossing’, the undead dead, stupid criminals and an overloaded Chinese bus.

Reina Sofia and Granada Wines

Miguel at Almuñécar’s Restaurante Reina Sofia is always finding ways to offer something new to his customers. This time, on Saturday the 12 he will be offering a chance to the general public to learn more about the excellent wines that that province has.

Herrera vs. Benavides

The Mayor of Almuñécar took less that 24 hours to counter the ex-Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides’ claim that her administration was acting illegally.

Mugged at a ATM

A Local Police foot patrol was approached by a frantic woman who told them that two people were fighting in a nearby public square. The police were soon there and separated the two men, but this wasn’t a disagreement that got out of hand, but a victim and a mugger battling it out.

Carambolo Controversy

The first avocado trees to be planted on the coast of Andalucia – in the whole of Spain, were planted by a German in Almuñécar in the 1950’s He had toured the entire coast before settling for a small hillside overlooking the Rio Verde valley, which at the time was covered in sugar cane.

Albuñol Police Catch Bus

The Local Police in Albuñol are reportedly not being paid and are having to attend incidents by bus. Incredible as it seems, there is apparently not enough money to meet gasoline bills, so they have been ordered to leave all the cars and motorcycles in the garage.

Soundmill Studios

If you’re planning an event or function, you really should contact Chris at Soundmill Studios, the reason being that there is very little that this very nice chap doesn’t know about professional sound services. In other words, if you need musicians or performers for a conference, fashion show, product launch or even a wedding, Soundmill Studios will be able to help.

Living in America

Watching the morning TV news the other day, I began to muse upon the American attitude towards foreigners, and foreign Countries. Tricky to define, I concluded. You can’t really call Americans xenophobic – mainly because the majority have never met a foreigner. No, the best word I could come up with is “insular”. For example, the demise of the little-lamented Colonel Gaddafy got a couple of minutes. Likewise, the bail-out of the Greek economy by the ECB, at a cost of gazillions.

100,000 Euros Wasted

All of the saplings that were planted in the Alpujarra area as part of a reforestation programme have died… because they were planted in April instead of the Autumn.

CITCOM Dead in the Water

Many projects have fallen by the wayside in the province, thanks to the economical times in which we live. In the case of Almuñécar it was CITCOM, or in other words the Centro de Innovacion en Transformacion y Comercializacion de Subtropicales, which is a title that only a politician could seriously consider.

25% Off at De Tropen

It’s not often that you find a bargain like this… but De Tropen is having new stock delivered in the very near future and have decided to have a ‘stock clearance sale.’
You just have to turn up at either of their shops with the voucher at the bottom of their ad on Page 33 and you will get 25% off all indoor and outdoor furniture, parasols and shadesails.