Volunteer Staff Wanted

The Costa Animal Society is in the process of revamping its office and shop in Nerja. As a result, more volunteer staff are required to run the shop which opens Monday to Saturday from 10.00am until 2.00pm.

Love a Child

I have previously mentioned the social and business-networking group called WomenWorks. It is a group of like-minded women who meet the first Friday of each month to connect, support and inspire one another.

Renovation Works and Rental

When renting a property, it is not always obvious who has to pay for works in the premises. In Spain the law is clear about the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. Law 29/1994, applicable to both residential use and commercial use, makes the distinction between two types of works: Maintenance works and Improvement works.

The Unmentionables & A Mention

When writing this, a cold wind from the North blew away my washing from the line on the kitchen patio: sheets, pillowcases, ‘unmentionables’ – you name it – are now impaled on the Bougainvillea bushes and lemon trees below.

Petit Fours

Nothing special happened in Germany last month, but lots of political petit fours were consumed. Our darling politician, the Minister of Defence, had to swallow three of them within a few days. Does he know what is going on in his own ministry? – No: letters of soldiers being opened systematically; death through possible bullying…

Beat Addiction

I promised to write an article about smoking after I had managed to stay off cigarettes for one year. Just in time, after the majority of New Year resolutions have faltered and smokers now having to pursue their addiction in front of bars and restaurants.

Life or Death Debate

Is it acceptable for doctors not to attempt to save a life? Is it okay for doctors to decide ahead of time, whether a patient who goes into cardiac arrest, should be resuscitated or admitted to intensive care?

Chris, Cats & Caterpillars

Someone asked me the other day what my constant reference to ‘up the tree’ was. Outside our kitchen door is an almond tree, we nailed boards to it to make a platform so that the cats could be fed away from the dogs…

Americana – February

Greetings from Tucson, where politicians no longer tread the streets for fear of being shot in the head. Now, while some might have their own personal list of candidates for this particular fate, you have to agree it really is not the right way to go about things.