Record Unemployment in Salobreña

The IU councillor, Ángel Coello will present a motion in the next plenary meeting of the Town Council to create an employment plan and job reserve as a means of combating rising unemployment in the town, which presently stands as 1,558. “There are many families that have used up all their unemployment benefit entitlement and…

Socialist Upheaval

When the only councillor from the PSI (Partido Socialista Independiente) announced that he was leaving the party to join the mainstream socialist party in Salobreña, his hitherto boss and mentor was incensed.

Small Village, Big Lie

When your home village has only 726 inhabitants, you can bet that everybody knows everybody, so when you tell a porker, nobody is going to believe it, because they know you. Well, one 54-year-old man in such a village, deep in the Alpujarra, decided to report that he had been mugged and kidnapped, as an explanation for being unable to pay a bar bill.

Jordanian Graffiti

An NCO (below officer rank) serving in the Jordanian Air Force opted to visit the Alhambra whilst on holiday in Spain, and was so impressed by the architecture of the Alhambra that he decided to engrave his initials on one of the walls… and he was caught red handed.

Town Hall Electric Cut

(Metropolitan Granada) The Town Hall of Otura had its electricity supply cut for a few hours as a warning over its unpaid electricity bill. The staff saw all their computers and other electrical equipment, as well as the lights, die for a period of one hour – the point had been made.

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Unhealthy Interest in Mother-in-Law

The Guardia Civil have arrested a man who allegedly put a spy-camera, hidden in a pen, in his own mother-in-laws bathroom… Is nothing sacred?
Yes, 34-year-old N.R.T., who comes from El Viso del Alcor (Sevilla) was denounced by his highly unamused m.i.l., after she discovered a ‘suspicious pen’ in her bathroom, realising that she was not aware how long it had been there.

Months Chained Up

(North-West Granada) A dog owner in Huescar has been fined for leaving his dog chained up in a stable for several months, with hardly any room to move. When the police took the dog’s chain off, the fur was worn off exposing bleeding skin. Furthermore, the dog was starving.

Altering (gene) Behaviour

Our life depends upon a combination of our very own chromosomes and our environment (apart from all the events that happen and the choices we make).
But while the chromosomes with their genes (genome) are considered as the blueprint of life, many of those life experiences — the foods we eat, or the toxins we’re exposed to — indirectly affect the genes and tell them what to do.

Tarmacking Country Lanes

About a kilometre of El Camino de Los Mateos has received a pretty convincing bed of tarmac, as well as having its edges either side cleared and concrete drainage channels added, thanks to funds received from the Department of Agriculture at the Junta de Andalucia. The Councillor for Public Works & Rural Environment, José Manuel…

La Herradura Paseo Lighting

The Caleta or Punta de la Mona end of the Paseo de Andrés Segovia has had its street lighting installations improved. The First Councillor for the village, Juan José Ruiz Joya, explained how four new lampposts had been installed between Hotel Los Fenicios to just past Chambao de Joaquín.

Rich Pickings

In October the news was coming in like machine-gun fire, quite different to the last few months: for example 55 billion Euros was found in a state supported bank – ongoing accounting errors reported assets as losses.