Medical Centre for Motril Port

The 3,500 residents of Varadero and Santa Adela near Motril Port now have a small medical centre with five doctors’ surgeries, which is two more than they had in the old Casa del Mar. This new centre is fruit of co-ooperation between the Town Hall, the Junta de Andalucia and the EU: Motril built the…

Casa Garach

The Motril Town Council has approved a change to the building category of the historic and centric building known as Casa Garach, which will allow it to be turned into a hotel.

Merry Christmas!

We would just like to take the opportunity to wish all our readers, where ever they might check in from, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This site is funded by our hard-copy advertisers mainly, so we would like to thank them for making this news site possible. And of course, our gratitude…

Palms Relocated

Locals in Almuñécar will have noticed that Town Hall workers from the garden and parks maintenance department have taken away a number of full-grown palm trees along Calle Pablo Iglesias. The reason for this is because they are literally destroying the pavement, thanks to their ever-increasing girth.

Barrio Espinar Facelift

The new team at the Town Hall wheel are keen to leave their mark on La Herradura, which can been seen with the recent activity in Barrio Espinar.

First of all, the steps that lead from the barrio up to Camino Real are having new paving stones laid. Secondly, the little gardens are being tidied up and replanted and finally the walls that run down the stream bed have been re-painted.

Almuñécar Negotiates Hotels

The new municipal administration is working on modifications to its urban-development paperwork in an attempt to get the Junta de Andalucia to allow the 5-star hotel in Santa Cruz, Sebastian to open. The Hotel Cercado de Santa Cruz has been inactive for the last four years, although 75% complete, owing to terrain-qualification irregularities.

Costas vs. Greenhouses

If you drive along the eastern coast of the Costa Tropical, between Carchuna and La Rábita, you will see greenhouses below the N-340, virtually on the beach or on a cliff – at the moment there is a battle between Costas and their owners over their future… or lack of it.

Shaken to Death

A young farm worker of 20 was killed after being trapped by a ‘tree-shaker’ arm on a tractor during olive harvesting. The incident occurred in Espeluy, which is between the city of Jaén and Linares. The man had been working on the rollers within the machine, which had been malfunctioning, when it closed on him, trapping him around the abdomen, and went into vibration mode – the machine is used to literally shake the fruit off the trees.

Appeal Quashed

The driver who tried to run down three Guardia Civil policemen has had his seven years’ imprisonment upheld by the Supreme Court after his appeal failed.

Three Spain Articles

Three Spain articles from the December edition, including a conman who was kidnapped by his victims and two articles about the rather bristly Britain/Spain/Gibraltar relationship.

House Prices Continue Descent

On a provincial level, the average price for dwellings is still falling. The average price per square metre over the province of Granada stood at 1,697 euros in November, which is almost 9% lower than November 2010.