Motorway Madness

The stretch of motorway between Lobres and Taramay that will eventually link Salobreña and Almuñécar has been given a finish date of… wait for it… 2012.

Kayak Cup

Another sporting event to put Motril on the map was the Second Edition of the Sea Kayaking Cup of Andalucía

Water Troubles

They were really going loco down in Acapulco this summer, as residents of the popular urbanisation in Torrenuevas had been suffering frequent water cut-offs since the beginning of July.

Councillor Refuses Fine

MOT Councillor Immaculada Torres

Harsh accusations were flung at the Mayor’s administration last month as spokesman for the opposing Socialist party, Manuel Garcia Albarral, accused one of the Mayor’s Councillors of ‘refusal to pay a parking fine.’

Penguins for Judges


Looking Back to 2009: The law courts of Motril that have been going haywire and workers have had to suffer the sticky consequences for over a month.

False Alarm

False-Alarm Terrorist Attack: an empty car with a false number plate parked badly outside Guardia Civil barracks, home to 17 families of the law, can only mean one of two things.

Mayor Accused…

The IU has denounced the Mayor for ‘removing’ parking fines against his councillors. Local IU leader, Fermín Tejero, claims that one of the councillors that had a traffic fine ‘annulled’ was the Councillor for Traffic, María Dolores Sánchez.

Bank Rescues Car Parks

The Caja Rural has signed a deal with the Town Hall, whereby they will extend credit to those that wish to buy a parking space in the two controversial, underground car parks.

Paseo del Altillo Praised

But it’s not all about people complaining; one Letter to the Editor in the Ideal was from a gentleman who praised the beauty of the Paseo del Altillo.

Ombudsman Criticises La Junta

The Regional Ombudsman, José Chamizo, has not only been throwing lightning bolts at Benny over the state of Almuñécar, but he has also been casting them at the Junta de Andalucía, whom he

Peña Escrita and Lion Attacks

Peña Escrita, Almuñécar’s very controversial mountain park, has been in the news on three occasions this month, and only one them for a positive reason. The

Three Tragic Deaths

There were three tragic deaths in Almuñécar, prior to our closing the September edition. Two motorbike accidents produced to fatalities on the same day and a man drowned in a private swimming pool two days later.