Goodbye ITV Sticker

AND ITV station 400x250

Did you know that if you don’t have your ITV sticker on your windscreen you could face a 100-euro fine? Well, that could soon be changing as these stickers will disappear.

Car Carambole

GRA VG Ogijares Car Carambola

Some people find parking difficult, not because of a lack of somewhere to park, but because spacial awareness and how the steering wheel works, eludes them.

Missed the Boat

MOT Missed The Boat, Norwegian Viva

Cruise ships bring thousands of tourists of all nationalities every year to Motril Port, but not all of them leave; and not by design, as was the case of the Gordons.

Caravan Break-In

GRA ALP Orgiva's Main Square

Somebody with a defective understanding of private-property ownership broke into a caravan, used as permanent accommodation, in Órgiva and stole a bank card, amongst other items.

Big Traffic Shake Up

ALM Avenida Guadix:Costa de Sol roundabout2

Almuñécar Town Hall intends to completely change the lay out of Avenida Costa del Sol de Almuñécar, which links the Guardia Civil, main-road junction to La Carrera.

Phone-Box Library

GRA ALP Phone Box Library

Firstly, for our non-native-English speakers, a phone box is a British term for a small cabin with a public telephone inside. In the UK they were red.


GRA Churriana de la Vega Gasolinera 01

The Petroleum companies never miss a chance to hike the price of petrol and diesel up when there is a bank holiday, which is the case today.

Baby Abandoned

A woman from the Netherlands left her 6-month-old baby in her hotel room in Málaga and went to dine in a nearby restaurant.

Vista Verde Homes, Almuñécar

Along the Jete road from Almuñécar you will pass through the barrio of Torrecuevas, which faces over the picturesque Rio Verde Vega. For many years, there was a building project, frozen in its naked structure form by the 2008 economic crisis, but recently an enterprising company, Vista Verde Homes, has taken it on and is…