A Very Windy Day!

MOT Storm Hit Beaches Playas

The Granada coastline will face the force of a gale tomorrow, moving in from the north, bringing with it winter temperatures… at last!

No Ticket Bookings Available

GRA AVE Train in Granada Train Station

The Chairman of the Cámara Granada y la Confederación Granadina de Empresarios is less than jubilant over the high-speed train connections to Granada station, better known as the AVE.

The Tridemic Triple Threat

FTR Health Tridemic

Covid-19, flu and RSV (or respiratory syncytial virus) are colliding and filling up hospital systems around the world. That this ‘tripledemic’ or ‘tridemic’ is making headlines, despite the collective fatigue of pandemic news.

Reader: Pets Banned?

Readers Letter 400x250

Reader: I was reading that keeping practically all pets has been banned in Spain. This may be useful for Gazette to look into as a lot of readers may be affected.

Drugs in Hidden Cellar

SAL Vega North

Officers belonging to the Policía Nacional in Motril rumbled a couple who had built a concealed cellar under their cortijo in Salobreña, where they grew weed.