Gun Licences Extended

SPN Guardia Civil Armoury

Good news for gun-licence holders because like just about every other administrative deadline, renewing your licence is not necessary; it’s automatically extended. It doesn’t matter if your ITV has run out or your ID card needs renewing, they are all automatically extended whilst the Lock Down is in force. Obligatory, 6-monthly, shooting practice for security…

Bells & Clappers

SAL Belltower

Salobreñeros have a reputation for being decent folk, certainly speaking from personal experience, but they can get upset when somebody or something spoils their efforts.

Market Demolition Begins

ALM Market Demolition April 20

Probably one of the most controversial actions carried out by the Mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera, is taking place: the demolition of the municipal market.

Hospital Worker Found

SPN Hospital San Agustin

A medical worker at Hospital San Agustín, who had been missing from work for several days, was found at home, lying on the floor and suffering from dehydration.

Fake Traffic Control

GRA Padul Junction

The Guardia Civil nobbled a man, dressed in a soldier’s uniform, who was stopping traffic in Padul Monday night as if it were an official traffic-control point.

Hoax Fire Calls


At five this morning the Motril Fire Station alarm went off; 112 had received a call from a man to say there was a fire in the Huerta Carrasco area.

Three Up & Armed

GRA Three on a Bike 02

What is surprising about the armed hold up in the city of Granada, is not the targeted business nor the booty obtained, but the getaway vehicle used.