Only Four above Fifty

GRA Covid 10:10:21

Now that the Costa Tropical and Alpujarra find themselves on the same health level as the rest of the province, tourism is picking up but contagion remains low.

Lockdown Fines to be Reimbursed

SPN Traffic Fines

One thing is the intention of reimbursing the sums paid over and quite another is knowing how they are going to achieve it. The reason that there is doubt about how it will be done is because the fines were handed out by different administrations/ministries. What is also in doubt is whether the money will…

Motril Mayor Totters

MOT Mayor Luisa García Chamorro

The local party leader for the PSOE socialists in Motril (also, ex-mayor), Flor Almón, has called for Mayor Luisa García Chamorro to resign immediately.