We decided to open this space because we have had a few enquires concerning whether we do small ads for those wanting to buy or sell second-hand goods. The answer was that we didn’t.

However, it costs us nothing to provide space here, so it will cost our readers nothing if they want to leave in the comment box below information about something they’re looking for or something they no longer need and want to sell.

If you have something in your garage and just want somebody to come and pick it up, free of charge, just to clear things out, this is your online space, too.

Concerning property rentals and sales: this isn’t the space for it – sorry.

This is your space and other than providing it, the Seaside Gazette does not have any part nor responsibility in the deals struck between both parties.

Contact details are the responsibility of those concerned, therefore do not approach us, please, for more information on a particular entry.

Finally, the continuity of this page depends upon demand and people not abusing the concept, therefore it is understood that the decision to include any entry is the prerogative of the Seaside Gazette, as is the decision to discontinue the page for any given reason.

  2 comments for “Market

  1. Gavin
    June 13, 2020 at 7:50 pm

    Hi Martin,

    We have a Canon Printer WF2630, which is about 6 months old….we bought it brand new from Media Markt. There is a bit of problem with the print head which we couldn’t figure out how to fix. I think someone knowledgeable about these contraptions would be able to to fix it.

    Anyway, we decided to get an ink tank printer instead, so we don’t need this printer any more. Rather than discard it, I thought it would be better to give it away to someone who might be able to fix it and use it.

    If anyone is interested, they could arrange a pickup or I could drop it off.

  2. Gavin Tun
    April 21, 2020 at 11:30 am

    For sale – hard case (with wheels) for upright bass

    This hard case for an upright bass was purchased brand new in September 2019 and used only once to ship my upright bass from Chicago, USA to Salobrena, Spain. The case has a soft velvet interior and tough heavy-duty nylon fabric on the exterior. It also has wheels for easy transportation, a large exterior pocket for accessories, and several handles for easy handling. My upright bass arrived in Spain in perfect condition inside this case. Sale price is €500 and I have several photos showing both the exterior and interior. Please contact me with any questions or to request more photos at:

    Double-Bass Case or via WhatsApp +34 638 545 824.

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