Monthly Archives: February 2020

Lanjarón Artillery

ALP Lanjaron Artillery

Those of you who have noticed that there is a 88mm flak cannon on display at the entrance to Lanjarón might be interested to know there will more.

False Accusation Backfires

provincial lawcourts of granada

It has been proven that M.P.Q., falsely accused her ex husband, J.I.C, of having thumped her in the face, which consequently led to his arrest and being held in custody.

New Rubbish-Collection Rules

PEC ALM Rubbish Collection

Almuñécar Councillor for The Environment, Luis Aragón, met with representatives of block communities from Taramay and Velilla to explain new rubbish-collection rules beginning this month.

Cantalobos Grass Fire

LHR Fire Cuesta Cordobilla

The Almuñécar fire service, backed by Infoca assets, were busy towards the end of last month putting out a hill fire in the Cuesta Cordobilla/ Cantalobos above La Herradura.